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    Dunhua City JianLong basalt stone (Lava stone/Volcanic Rock) develop Co.,Ltd. is a Hi-Tech company specialized in designing, researching & developing, marketing and servicing of Basalt stone (Lava stonee/Volcanic Rock) manufacturer .

The company owns two exploitation sites of the natural mine,and it has formed a complete set of the advanced expert production equipments and an expert production team, The company’s exploitation sites annually produce all varieties of Volcanic Rock(slab stone) around 2.000.000 m2, the company’s all kinds of products have been sell well to some countries and regions as the United States,Germany,ltaly,Spain,Australia,Korea, Japan,India,russia,etc.Winful Stone Factory expects to cooperate hand in hand with you,and to bring about the beautiful future together.
Basalt stone (Lava stonee/Volcanic Rock) is an actual stone that is produced from volcanic eruptions. It is a rough stone fairly light in weight and gray in color. The strange of Basalt (lava stonee/Volcanic Rock) is its vesicular and natural, seeing from its cutting surface , the holes are much bigger in the upper and smaller downwards and more highly concentrated.
This kind of stone material has the special features which other stone material doesn’t have for its individual holes, such as sound absorption and insulation, heat insulation and reserve, frozen proof etc. It has good sightseeing for the continuous big and small holes, with primitive simplicity and elegant style.
Every environmental test of this stone is all fine under very strict inspections, it is green environmental building material. It also has features of sour and alkali proof, can be used in many areas.
We embrace “people-oriented, Credit Management”, our vision is to spread quality Chinese stone products to every corner of the world!. We wholeheartedly welcome our clients both old and new, either at home or abroad to consult with us, to contact us and discuss with us business for import, export or agency. We believe that our efforts will win us our friends' trust and favour.

■ Corporate Identity

◎ Quality policy
offering eligible product and heart to heart service

◎ Our perspective
We establish the platform for our staff to realize self worth!
We will become the volcanic rocks and volcanic stone of the leading supplier of products!
We will do our best to become a mutual benefit strategic partner with our dealer!

◎ Our worth view
The company with most worth to join
Innovation, serving custom

◎ Our mission
Relax life , choose Jianlong

Dunhua City JianLong basalt stone (Lava stone/Volcanic Rock) develop Co.,Ltd.
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